Rock Them Crocs x MJHanks

There’s not a day that goes by where Michael Hanks isn’t wearing Crocs. It’s more than a slip resistant shoe to him, it’s his brand image. Guess when you wear them for long enough they become part of you.



2019 Clio Original Music Silver

2019 Telly Awards Student Online Commercial Silver

2019 Addy’s Student Elements of Advertising Gold

2019 Addy’s Student Film/Video/Sound Silver

2019 Addy’s Student Judge’s Choice

2019 Young One’s ADC Cube Music Video

2019 Young One’s Merit Award for Craft in Writing for TV

Crocs Instagram Story Feature

Funny Or Die Facebook Feature

My Role: Director of Photography

Director, Editing, Lyrics/Music and Performance: Michael Hanks

Art Director: Peter Molnar